Things: Spring

Truth be told, India does not have much of a spring. The Northern parts of the country, or those areas located at higher altitudes experience it but not the sun-battered-rain-soaked Gangetic plains, the dry north-west, the Deccan traps and certainly not the coastal regions. In fact, Spring is a short visitor to the major part… Continue reading Things: Spring


It’s been a year, it seems.

I received this notification from WordPress tonight:   It has been a year and I hardly noticed. My first post came quite some time after I created the account, so it did not cross my mind it might have been one year since this page came into being. Why am I excited about this? Well,… Continue reading It’s been a year, it seems.


Hello. I have started this blog after being goaded by a friend of mine to do so. I have always been sceptical about the readership this kind of blog attracts but as my friend pointed out wisely, this is better than nothing. I, like many who start blogs, have literary ambitions. And no matter how… Continue reading Introduction