In memory of a bookshop

There is a bookshop on Elgin Road, Calcutta. It used to be a bookshop under a different name before, run by a nationwide chain of bookshops. Now it is run by a group which intially kept most of the elements which had made the old bookshop popular, until recently. With the recent renovation of the… Continue reading In memory of a bookshop


Things: A Brief Autobiography of a Burger

I am a burger. It is difficult for me to ascertain the precise moment when my identity rose above that of the many objects that constitute me to become that of a burger. Some might say, that in this peculiar mode of origin, I am like a nation. Made by bringing together smaller entities of… Continue reading Things: A Brief Autobiography of a Burger

A Handy Guide to Survival in the Calcutta Metro

Are you new to the city? Have you been told that the Metro- the oldest in the country- is the best way to travel in Calcutta? Have you tried commuting on the Metro and been put off by the struggle you have to put up with to reach your destination in one piece? Fear not.… Continue reading A Handy Guide to Survival in the Calcutta Metro


Things: That time of the year again

It is that time of the year again. No. This is not about the highly 'uncivic' civic polls recently concluded or the new polls scheduled on 8th. This is not about the retreating monsoon which leaves around the 8th of October with a parting salvo of severely uncomfortable humidity and occasional heavy rains. This is… Continue reading Things: That time of the year again