It’s been a year, it seems.

I received this notification from WordPress tonight:



It has been a year and I hardly noticed. My first post came quite some time after I created the account, so it did not cross my mind it might have been one year since this page came into being.

Why am I excited about this? Well, I never had a blog before, and to have posts-such posts as I thought would go unnoticed- read by people matters a lot to me. I thank all the incredibly sweet people who took the time to read the posts, and sometimes even like them. Thank you, for appreciation helps.

I have gone beyond posting in the three initial broad categories I had thought I would be doing, and there have come along the way new things like Faux Post and Coffee Chronicles. I do not intend to keep much more of  Faux Post, but Coffee Chronicles will continue.

Also up in the offing are old things I had made- doodles and essays- that will be published under ‘All Things Old’. Yes, it is late and I cannot think of a better title.

I also want to put up the photographs I have taken and will take, and a travel journal of sorts that has been a long time coming. I had shelved the inaugural post of the travel series  because it had turned out to be longer than I had wanted it to be.  I will also like to put up a comic strip but I have substantial doubts as to how regularly I will be able to update it.

So, here you have my blogging resolution for the second year of this page.

Keep reading and let me know!


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