In memory of a bookshop

There is a bookshop on Elgin Road, Calcutta. It used to be a bookshop under a different name before, run by a nationwide chain of bookshops. Now it is run by a group which intially kept most of the elements which had made the old bookshop popular, until recently. With the recent renovation of the… Continue reading In memory of a bookshop


Musings on a Movie: Tiger Zinda Hai

I watched a movie recently. It was a Salman Khan movie. Last time I had watched a Salman Khan movie, that too in a theater, was in 2010, a solid seven years ago. For the uninitiated, Salman Khan is a Bollywood superstar, with a rather chequered past; an enfant terrible turned into the country's oldest… Continue reading Musings on a Movie: Tiger Zinda Hai

Coffee Chronicles Episode 8: ‘Dumb Charades’

Some wise man had once remarked, “Balloons may come and balloons may go, but celebrations go on forever.” After a general mandate ousted the balloons as a means of celebrating any milestone, things have been different on the floor. It might also have to do with the transfer of the proponent of balloons as a… Continue reading Coffee Chronicles Episode 8: ‘Dumb Charades’